"I got operated from Dr Jaspreet S Kohli, for my forearm Fracture. He has been like a God to me who has helped me tide over my pain and my tough time. I m really Thankful to him and his staff who were always stood by my side whenever i was in pain..I wish them good Luck for future."


Operated at Shri Rama Charitable Hospital

"I always had faith in Dr Kohli's Skills. Dat was d reason that when I suffered from Knee Injury, i had no other thought but to approach Dr Kohli immediately for my surgery. It was due grace of God and Dr Kohli's efforts that I am able to walk as normal as ever with no restriction of movements. Even my friends and relatives did not believe in such a drastic result. thanx a lot. God bless u."


Operated at Shri Rama Charitable Hospital

"I sustained fracture Rt shoulder.I was operated by Dr Kohli at ESIC hospital. He advised me to do regular physiotherapy in order to prevent Stiffness. Inspite of his busy schedule he paid personal attention to me. During follow up also he gave special interest in my Physiotherapy. I am fine now. All because of Dr Kohli's efforts.God bless him success in life."


Operated at ESIC Hospital

I had a fracture of my leg which was previously operated around 15 yrs back and rod was inserted. I consulted a doctor who advised me that the cost of surgery will be high and there is no assurance of the surgery as the rod may not come out. My financial condition was not good. Then some friend of mine reffered me to Dr Kohli. He operated on me. My total cost of surgery was very less as compated to previous quote by the other doctor. My surgery was also successful. Thanx to Dr Kohli for the surgery. Now I also refer my friends to him as I know that we can get high Quality care and good surgery at a very less cost. All the best for future


Operated at Kalra Hospital

"“I am 18yr old. I had fracture of leg for which surgery was done at some hospital.After few days there was infection which spread to the leg and my plate and bone was visible. I had repeated surgeries which was both a financial and mental harassment to me. I was confined to bed for nearly 4 months.Then I met Dr Kohli, who after assessing my condition directly told me that it would be good for future if I get Amputation done as that would be beneficial in long term (both financially and mentally) and would prevent repeated surgeries. Initially I was reluctant but then I decided for surgery. On day after surgery, I was happy as I had kept my other foot on ground after 4 mths. On advice of Dr Kohli, I got artificial leg fixed. Now am able to walk freely without support and nobody can notice that I have amputation done. I am really thankful to Dr Kohli for such a great advice and care I got from him. I wish him success in life.


Operated at Shri Rama Charitable Hospital

I had fracture of knee, bone was crushed severly. I consulted a senior doctor of Ludhiana,who told me that the knee joint has been shattered and that I would not be able to bend my knee and I would have regulad that I would end up having Knee replacement. I was depressed.Then I consulted Dr Kohli.He assured me that knee replacement is not required and I would benefit from Surgery. He operated on me. I have no words to thank Dr Kohli as I am able to walk as normal as ever and even am able to climb stairs, run, without pain. All this was due to grace of God and efforts of Dr Kohli. I wish him success. God Bless him always


Operated at Shri Rama Charitable Hospital

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